Hobonichi A6 Avec x Midori Traveler's Notebook

Hello friend!
Oh it's been quite some time since my last post. I feel like nowadays all my posts start with this greeting. I've been more immersed in filming and editing Youtube videos. Never would have thought that that's what I would enjoy doing! It's a challenge yet so very enjoyable. :)

So today I wanted to share the Hobonichi A6 Avec that I managed to grab in a facebook selling group. Since it's the half-year version, it is very lightweight and you know I'm all about that!
Of course I had my initial turmoil as always, as I couldn't decide on how to lug around both notebooks. I wanted my regular size Midori but also my Hobonichi with me at all times. Then suddenly it hit me! I could just easily merge both into one! Now let the curtains fall and let me tell you the story of how Hobonichi met Midori!

If you care for it, I also have a Youtube video on it. :)

Hope this helped someone who is as indecisive as me ;) Since the weather is so hot, don't forget to put on sunscreen and drink lots of water!
Enjoy the sun!

Cheers, Alice


  1. hey do you think the Hobonichi planner (black, english version) would fit in the midori travellers regular size?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure about this. As the whole year version is quite thick it might not fit into the kraft folder. You'd probably have to make a custom one. But it might get really bulky so you might not be able to fit other inserts comfortably in the TN. :/